On being the first one

A few days ago I had a conversation with a friend who said that when something's wrong, the first one to complain will be the one who gets a slap in the face and a personal attack along the lines of "It's your own problem, no one else complains, deal with it," and only after the first person has had a go, others will join. It takes someone to stand up first, raise their voice, and only after the initial backlash is over others will join in confirmation.

Today I was, I think, the first one to stand up and raise my voice. Gently and genuinely I tried to make it known that I am not wanting to be a troublemaker, or a b*tch, and that I am genuinely concerned and looking forward to change.

I don't know if those people will ever get back to me on that, but whilst I feel the anxiety of having raised my voice, I will also tell myself what that very wise friend said to me.

The first one to stand up and raise their voice will be the one to get slapped, but once it's done, others will follow.

Do good work.
Do it with pride.
Tell the truth. There's no shame in being honest.
Do what you do with pride, and care.
But most of all, do it with pride.

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