Lots of evening babble

After servicing our bikes to a condition where they were yet again... rideable - meaning, my bike's chain wasn't covered in rust and The Man's tires weren't dead flat any more - we took an afternoon to take our kids riding and wow do I have emotions and opinions about this thing.

One: for the first kilometre or so I was convinced that I was riding on a flat (as in, a flat tyre) but turns out, I am just really, really out of practice. It's been a year and a half since I've ridden my bike (!), and though the reasons are kind of valid - being pregnant for the second time riding a bike quickly became exceptionally uncomfortable, and it wasn't until my mom told me how to get rust off a chain that I even considered being able to ride my bike without having to first pay a lot of money for servicing the damn thing - it is still both sad and amusing that I've been away from a bike long enough for the chain to rust up.

And secondly: wow do I appreciate the fact that we have 1) a Thule bike rack to put all of our bikes on the back of a car, and 2) a Thule Chariot bike trailer to stick our kids into, and 3) a separate bike seat for the baby so that I don't have to listen to them sit in the trailer and complain about each other. The Girlie being a baby she's in that stage where she likes to grab everything - including The Kid's face - and The Kid being a preschooler he's at a stage where he knows he doesn't like being grabbed by his face, but he doesn't know what else to do about it other than scream for help and maybe slap his sister, which then makes her cry and... yeah.

So let me tell you a secret: if one child is 10 months old and another one is 3 years old, do you think they can do long bike journeys whilst sharing a single bike trailer and being squeezed tightly together?

I'll let you answer that ;)

And though there's more, I am also f*ckin' knackered, so I am going to turn off the computer, go to bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

They say that at first there's the stage where a person has time and health, but not money (university years, yehaa!), then it's money and health, but not time (work, work, work) and then it's money and time, but not health (retirement).

At the moment I haven't really got time nor money, (why is that? Oh, yeah: because I study quantity surveying whilst taking care of two preschoolers whilst trying to save for a f*ckin' house deposit in a country where I haven't got family and real estate is outrageously priced and... oh, sorry, got carried away. Back to the topic!) so I am hoping that universe will compensate me for it at some point by giving me time and money and health.

Oh, I don't even think I can imagine what it'd feel like, to have time and money and health.*

(* she writes whilst nursing her shoulder which she busted by lifting a bike onto a bike rack, and will now go pop an Ibuprofen to try and ease the pain.)

Life is kind of awesome and overwhelming at the same time at the moment.

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  1. Still don't know what it's like to have all 3. Currently have time, but only because I'm currently not getting any work, hence no money (large unexpected bills also not helping), and health has been an issue for me since my 20's so can't see that changing a heap! Hope you manage all 3, but in the meantime settle for sleep and happy family :)