Bring on lactic acid!

Given the circumstances, I am doing exceptionally good this morning! Because here's the thing: with The Girlie relying less and less on my breastmilk for nourishment, I've started to slowly work my way down those +10 kg I've accumulated since giving birth to her, as with so little breastfeeding going on at the moment, I no longer need them.

But here's the catch: without knowing what a "circuit training" is, I attended a circuit class yesterday night and... and...

I know this is going to sound offensive to many of you, but I figure - chances are that if you're still reading my blog you are already accustomed to profanities and you either don't care or you like reading what I write more than you dislike profanities, so... Here goes: the two most repetitive expletives I had going through my head yesterday evening as I was trying very hard to 1) not pass out and 2) not to vomit in front of about fifteen other people were:

a) oh my jesus f*ckin' christ, and
b) f*ck me sideways this hard

Not kidding.

Because turns out, circuit training is really fun and exactly what I like!, except, I am in no form whatsoever to tackle even half the stuff those guys are doing, let alone all of it.

I came home last night, landed on a sofa and then waited for Universe to give me energy to get my butt off the sofa again, and nothing happened. Eventually I dragged my tired (hah, well that's an understatement...) a$$ off the sofa and into the shower, and eventually to bed, and that's what I mean by, given the circumstances I am doing exceptionally well at the moment because: I've managed to get up from bed this morning, unassisted!, and I've managed to sit down and stand up several times, unassisted!, and my muscles haven't (yet) been entirely broken down into soggy mush by the build-up of lactic acid, and... and...

Basically, I am so frickin' out of shape but, hell, this was so fun and worth it! See you next week!

Providing I am able to get out bed tomorrow morning.

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  1. Tomorrow will be the test, my husband tells me the trick is to keep moving, he does judo and is somewhat of an expert on this sort of thing. I'm hoping to get started working out next week once the boys are back at school and if my head is back to normal, I also have 10kg to shift into muscle. In the meantime I'm doing some light weights to help with arm strength.