A stroll in the sunshine

One of the beautiful things about where I live at the moment is that house backs onto farmland.

And there, between house and farmland, is a sheltered path local families frequent.

Another beautiful thing is the fact that after having a lovely stroll in this beautiful 20+ degrees weather (I think the last such day until next summer!) my kids and my husband are now all in bed - meaning, I have quiet time to sketch my school assignments. Yuss!

(Oh, yeah, and I also have 10 minutes to upload this ;).)

Talking of schoolwork: oh jolly how happy I am that whoever made the assignment asked me to sketch window joinery to a 1:5 scale.


As in, weatherboards that in real life are 16 mm thick, I need to sketch them to be 3 mm. And I need to be able to put on the sketch things such as building paper, tape, flashing, airseals... Everything, basically.

I don't know if it's a done deal to upload school assignments on internet like that, but I hope no-one is going to take my head off for showing you an example of what I've been working on this morning. Just look at the scale of the damn thing in relation to my pencil.

And to do that whole thing by hand, several angles, several sketches.




  1. Why do you have to do it by hand? :-o

    1. Learning experience, I guess - they want us to do stuff by hand first before we learn to use AutoCAD...

  2. Then how about sketching a window joinery of a giant's dwelling? I heard they use 50 mm weatherboards.