Reminders of places

Nectarines picked off a tree in our backyard remind me that I now, indeed, live in a climate a little warmer than Northern Europe.

But the books and discs on my shelf remind me that I do come from Northern Europe.

And the topographical map of South-East Alaska that's now hanging in my hallway reminds me of... those summers in Alaska, and the reasons I started wanting children to begin with.

Sometimes I trace the name of a mountain range on that map and remember the evening I stared into sunset and promised myself that if I ever had a child, I would call him/her after that mountain.

And now that child who is named after a mountain is sleeping in his room :). His sister hasn't woken from her midmorning nap yet, which is why I have stolen the 10 minutes to write this!

By the way: I do read your comments, and I am sorry I don't reply well at the moment. Bit by bit I will probably upload photos you've asked for, send you e-mails you've asked for, and answer questions you've asked! And if it looks like maybe I have indeed forgotten you altogether, do remind of yourself by writing another one ;).

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