Random thoughts on a Friday

I'm pretty sure I know a few of you who welcome photos of my family ;), so whilst I am not in a position to write much at the moment, I'll take the time to upload some photos.

So: The Girlie is getting very familiar with Duplo. Luckily, they're washable, so baby slobber isn't an issue ;).

The Kid is getting really good at building things...

...whilst his sister is mostly just practicing taking things apart.

So when playing with the railway, The Kid tries to stack his stuff away from The Girlie. For kind of obvious reasons ;).

Though she doesn't crawl yet, she happily and confidently rolls herself to places. From the living room to the hallway, from the hallway to the bedroom - if there's space on the floor, she goes.

Looking at me from the hallway where she has rolled herself from the living room.

The beauty of having a carpenter for a husband is that when someone puts a set of patio furniture on a roadside with a sign, "Free", the said carpenter can fix it up and, voila!, we now have a set of patio furniture.

And this one... well, whenever I change her nappy, good luck keeping her in place. If I let go of her, she goes. With a cheeky smile, she goes =).

Talking of which: it is such a bizarre feeling for me to head to a doctor's appointment for her routine check-up and have absolutely nothing to mention, worry-wise. Like, she's never had formula, she's never had antibiotics, if fed and changed and slept she's happy as Larry, she does things in a way that's expected, she's about median on almost every percentile-rated chart and from a parenting perspective this is just so... weird.

With the other one by this point we'd already heard so many times the sentence, "Let's see what happens," and now with the girl, it's, like... Stuff works. Don't even have to do anything special - it just works!

Meanwhile, The Kid: he is such a kind-hearted child. Seriously: almost everywhere we go, people say how he is so kind and affectionate and tender. And whilst he does need to learn some boundaries in regards to The Girlie - what, babies don't catch balls? How come? - he shows her the same affection he does to the rest of us, and it is wonderful to see.

We have started to do much better. 

By the way: this week we finally got to the end of our ex-house and ex-landlord experience and, dear God!, am I happy to finally be done with it or what.

I have wondered whether to write about it on my blog, or not, and haven't yet made up my mind, but I did end up writing a letter to New Zealand's housing minister Nick Smith last week and suggested they make two amendments to New Zealand's current tenancy regulations, to patch up two loopholes which we so unfortunately fit right into.

But in short: for what it's worth, it has been an educating experience. We went to court, we were agreed to by the court, and we then dealt with everything that comes after court, which is - especially when there's two children to take care of - a lot.

But we did it, and it's the end of it, and I feel like I have started a somewhat new page in my life which a blog isn't such a big part of any more.

I'll see where life takes me. For the moment there are some architectural drawings to deal with, in order to learn how houses are built, and one day I'll walk away with a diploma in hand, but for the moment there's just lots of stuff to do and very little time.

I'm sorry I don't write much about what's important any more, but... there just isn't the time. Not at the moment.


  1. Time will come later, at the moment you're concentrating on the important things, your family and your future. I'm glad the old landlord is finished now, I hope that it turned out the best possible way for your family. Hugs.

  2. Tore lugeda, et teil kõik paika loksub! Pane, palun, paar pildikest oma uuest kodust ka - ma nii elasin Teie majaotsingule kaasa :)