Time to watch Ellen

Would you like 3 minutes of amusement?

You're welcome :)

So, here's the thing: whenever I sit on the sofa, breastfeeding (which still happens, uhm, five times a day :/), I blatantly pick up an iPad and browse the internet unashamedly.

To me, breastfeeding is a no-go zone for guilt or duties or boredom. (Also known as, adult parent responsibilities.) If I sit down to breastfeed, I will at least attempt to do what makes me happy at that particular moment, and if it's watching Ellen on Youtube then... so be it.

I guess you could say that I am being self-indulgent. You'd be totally right in saying that, too.

But let's go off on a tangent for a moment.

I know a mother who fed twins for a year by expressing breastmilk. Sure, from about 6 months onwards the babies were getting solid food also, in addition to breastmilk, but that's not the point - the point is, for a whole year she gave her twins not an ounce of formula and spent God-knows-many hours attached to a breastpump instead and I was, like... whoa, dude!

The chick's got determination.

In that year of expressing she found an awful lot of what works and what doesn't work - or at least what works for her - and amongst the things that worked the best was the fact that the more relaxed and happy she was whilst expressing, the more milk there was. Apart from food and water and all the other things they say are important for expressing, the thing that was important the most - for her - was happiness.

And you know what activity helped her express the most? Browsing Pinterest whilst the breastpump was on =D

And it's kind of similar to what I am doing, too.

I learned from the painful start with The Kid four years ago that there are things I can do to help myself, and making breastfeeding a haven of self-indulgence is part of it.

It means that there is a spot on the sofa in our living room where I am exempt from stuff I don't like. If I'm breastfeeding, The Kid gets to watch Lilo & Stitch, the dishes get to remain piled on the tabletop, the washing unsorted on the sofachair. If I am breastfeeding, it doesn't matter.

It's helped me not have resentment towards breastfeeding, even whilst it was routinely happening at 12 am and then 3 am and then again at 6 am, because whenever I headed towards "my spot", The Girlie in hand, I knew that breastfeeding was important AND it gave me an opportunity to unashamedly browse Pinterest, or read blogs, or watch Ellen - for as long as The Girlie wanted to feed.

And so how come I complain about lack of time for studying whilst uploading links to Ellen Show? Because I'm breastfeeding, that's why ;).

Edited to add: listening to those questions and answering them in my head, it is also kind of obvious that I haven't yet lived interestingly enough.

Having said that: how would I join the Mile High Club now if any foreseeable plane journeys I will be doing, I'll be doing them with two small children in tow? Hmmmmmmm.

Also, I still haven't figured out what I'd like to be tattooed on me. Have never been arrested. Have never even had a speeding ticket. (I got a parking ticket. Once. But only because I didn't know I wasn't allowed to park where I had, otherwise I would've gone elsewhere.) 

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