Doggie yum yum

I live near a park where, during nesting time, dead birdlings can be found laying on the ground under the trees.

The Dog is, I don't even know whether to call it smart or cheeky. For a month now I've kept telling her off for picking up dead nestlings and attempting to eat them, but would you think that from this experience she's taken away a lesson of not eating them?


Instead, she's learned to swallow them whole in one big gulp before anyone can even start telling her, "Drop! Come here, I said, drop!"


And kind of on the same topic: if you come to visit us in our home sometime and attempt to sneak a quiet fart in the corner of a sofa somewhere - or anywhere - rest assured that The Dog will promptly point you out to anyone else that may have missed the event. She'll suddenly sit up, cock her head to the side and come to check you out, taking great care in sniffing your "interesting" bits.

And then everyone will have that cheeky, all-knowing grin, and you'll be, like, "Great. Thanks, dog."