...and it's not Photoshopped either, is it

Edited to add: having done a bit of googling now, I've learned that shaving a husky doesn't actually protect them from heat, so this picture is not that funny any more. Having said that, I'll leave it up for a while for the educational purpose.

I am tired of packing/paperwork/organising, so I go on Pinterest hoping to find something to laugh about.

Well, I definitely found something to laugh about, but I probably should've taken my toothbrush out of my mouth first because now I have to clean the table in front of the computer, too.

30 hours of flying each way

When all this is over, I will let you know how it went, but for the moment just send your thoughts our way as we fly:

1h 20m Christchurch-Auckland
2h 40m layover
12h 15m Auckland-Shanghai
4h 25m layover
12h 05m Shanghai-London

With the other two planes (Invercargill-Christchurch 1:15 and London-Tallinn 2:45) there is about 30 hours of flying overall, plus stopovers, and I am intrigued to know how it'll all go.

To be honest, I think it'll be okay. There's cartoons, there's food, there's attention. But I'm open to seeing how it'll go either way, and I'm intrigued to know because after eight years of not travelling I really do feel like it's a big trip for us.

Because it is.

Yeah, travel insurance's good to have

Hahaha... Driving along on a rainy autumn afternoon I hear an announcement on the radio.

"Thousands of Air New Zealand passengers will be affected by flights cancelled until middle of next week due to urgent engine work on Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet." (link)

I start grinning. Middle of next week...

Well, let's hope two things: that we're not on the 787 (I think we were scheduled to go on 789 but gotta check that) and that "middle of next week" means we're leaving after the cut-off point of fleet being back in service, because otherwise...

Well, it's good we have travel insurance, anyway.

PS. Yup, we're on a Dreamliner. Boeing 789 (technically, 787-9) is a sub-type of a 787.

I guess I'll keep an eye on my phone and my e-mail for potential travel alerts... Ehh :)

The Kid turned 7 years old today

The Kid turned 7 years old today. To celebrate, we brought him and a couple of friends to Clip'n'Climb (had a blast), bought pizzas (yum!), demolished a chocolate cake (yum!) and finished off with half an hour at the playground.

It was awesome!